• Shoot your PCC in Pro Am!

    There’s nothing like plinking away at steel with your new sweet Pistol Caliber Carbine. Straight up looking like a kickbutt rifle-wielding, out-of-shape GI Joe.

    Well we are happy to announce that we have made the decision to add PCC to the available divisions in the Pro Am! Hey Open and Limited shooters, before you send us hate mail, such as the very descriptive and helpful critique posted below, know that PCC will be scored ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY than Open and Limited. Like literally a separate match, k?

    PCC has been growing at such a rapid rate and we know how much our beloved competition shooters are enjoying this new division. We could hardly ignore that. Even with how relatively new PCC is in USPSA matches, there are over 75 people registered to shoot it in the 2017 Optic Nationals match. We knew that we would make a lot of shooters happy by including it in the Pro Am. We expect some thank-you baskets with lots of candy. And we expect some additional hate mail from PCC-haters wordlwide. <3 The scoring, structure, and award layout of the PCC division is different than that of the Pros or Amateurs, so please read the rulebook for more information.